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KBS-[The human condition 2]


Photo by KBS


[The human condition 2] will be broadcasting at 11:15pm on January 17th (Saturday) on KBS 2TV Channel.

In this season, actor Bo Taekui will make refrigerator by himself in order to lower the living cost and store food.

All the members feel nervous about how many garbage they have per day. They even weigh the garbage every day.

Without automobile cars, money, internet, cell phone, garbage, all the members really have a hard time to live.

In order to decrease the garbage weight, one of the members even said: “we can also eat fishbone”, which makes everyone laughs.

Can all the members overcome such difficulties? How they are going to end up with? On January 17th through KBS 2TV Channel, [The human condition 2] can remove your doubts.


Korea.com’s Xiangning Tang(sophiaxn08@korea.com) contributed to this report from Seoul. 

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