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Hwang In Yeop - The "True Beauty" Second lead actor Captured many Viewers Heart



There is a saying goes  that the cake is not a cake without an icing.  Definitely this is so true to all the K dramas and movies, the lead actors and actress need an icing on their cake to taste it like a real cake.  For the tvN's drama 'True Beauty" second lead actor , Hwang In Yeop proved that this saying is true.


Let's meet Hwang In Yeop , Born on June 19, 1991 in Seoul , South Korea.  He debuted in Korea as a model in 2017 , Once contracted with YG Entertainment, one the biggest company in Entertainment Industry in South Korea.  He  debuted as a actor in webseries 2018, WHY,   FRESHMAN in 2019,  His first K drama role in 2019 in TALE OF NOKDU and  18 AGAIN in 2020.  He rose popularity in  "18 Again" where he played a supporting role as Goo Ja Sung. 


Hwang In Yeop nickname  In Yeop,   love sight seeing and driving , favorite food is Tteokbokki He love to sing, listen to music. He wants to do an action role someday.  He studied in Philippine Nikkei Jin Kai International School and   He finished his degree in The Philippine Womens College of Davao in Manila Philippines. 

His IG Account is hi_high_hiy with 6.4Million  followers!


He also finished the mandatory Military service so he is free to work without sacrificing a two year break during the enlistment period.


He is currently under KEYEAST Entertainment  management, Other fellow  actors under this management are Kim Soo Hyun, Woo Do Hwan, Kim Dong Wook,  and actress Moon Ga Young the lead actress of TRUE BEAUTY,   Hwang In- Yeop as Han Seo Jun,​ fits him so well because of his acting ability his facial expression brought justice to his  character his  emotions are swaying smoothly  to each character  he could be a tough and bad  guy and  at the same time could be  very sweet young boy who is secretly in love to Lim, Joo Gyung , played by Moon Ga Young .and sweet brother to his dongsaeng ,  his eyes expresses  anger, hatred, sweetness and love.  His voice is like a wind  whispering softly to the ears but sometimes as a strong wind shouting like a roaring lion .  He is also effective in the role as a best friend to  Lee Su Ho, Played by Astro's Cha Eun Woo, who is cute and charming.

He even learned how to drive the motorcycle for his role  and get a driver's license for it. Hi is into passion when it comes to his career. 

I would say that  without his character and his acting , the True Beauty concept will not be complete without him, He added the flavors of the series  Hwang In Yeop!  is  a True Icing on the Cake!

His time has come and this is the start of his career blooms , fresh buds bloom, a start of new bloom beginnings like Spring!


​Congratulations and We wish him the best!


written by  gikimtan


photo credit to tvN's property and celine