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Actress Kim Go Eun confirmed appearance on ‘The King’

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2019-05-20 14:05:05

Photo Source : Uniqulo Korea


May 20, drama production company Hwa&Dam Pictures released official statement that actress Kim Go Eun will appear on upcoming drama ‘The King: Eternal Emperor’ together with Lee Min Ho. 


This will be Kim Go Eun’s 2nd drama with writer Kim Eun Sook after ‘Guardian: The Lonely and Great God’ three years ago. Hwa&Dam Pictures revealed that the ability to act diversify characters that Kim Go Eun shown in different films and her acting skills in ‘The Guardian’ makes her the best person in the drama.


Kim Go Eun will acts two characters, criminal Luna of the Korean Empire and investigator Jung Tae Eul from Republic of Korea.


Meanwhile, ‘The King: Eternal Emperor’ is said to be broadcasted on the first half of 2020.