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Press Conference of 'Photo People in Tokyo'

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2018-06-11 17:46:06



On Jun 11, 'Photo People in Tokyo' hold press conference at Seoul Korea Broadcasters Center. Season 2 members (except MXM Im Youngmin due to schedule conflicts) Kim Jaejoong, Cho Seho, INFINITE Nam Woohyun, Lee Taehwan and Yoo Seonho have attended the press conference.


Kim Jaejoong



As the original member of Season 1 Photo People, Jaejoong revealed that he has studied a lot in order to show better performance in the new season and help younger ‘donsaengs’ to adapt to the show.


Lee Taehwan


Lee Taehwan who joined the crew 1 day later due to schedule said that thanks to roommate and friend Youngmin he has quickly adapted to the crew and had a great time with all members.


INFINITE Nam Woohyun


Woohyun was asked about whether he has received any advice with INFINITE member L who has published two photo essays before and a well known mania for photography. Woohyun replied that L has just told him to enjoy the trip and believed that he will take pictures.


Yoo Seonho 


Seonho was asked if he has talked with Kim Samuel who has appeared in season 1. Seonho replied that he has first contacted Samuel and asked about the program after being casted as member of season 2. Samuel replied that Jaejoong and Seho will take care of him so there is no need to worry about the program.


Cho Seho


At last, Cho Seho promised that if ‘Photo People in Tokyo’ received over 1 million views, they will receive application from viewers and take photographs for six viewers directly.


Meanwhile, ‘Photo People in Tokyo' will start its first broadcast on Jun 11 at 5PM through Naver TV.

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