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Lee Jong Suk stole hearts at first Singapore Fanmeeting

  • Name : shyalee
  • Date : 2016-11-15 19:35:11


On 12 November, charming model-turned-actor Lee Jong Suk met his ardent fans in Singapore for the first time through his '2016 Lee Jong Suk Fanmeeting Variety'. Well-known for his leading roles in 'School 2013', 'Doctor Stranger', 'Pinocchio' and most recently 'W - Two Worlds', Lee Jong Suk charmed an almost full house of screaming fans at Megabox Convention Centre​. Much of the fanmeeting, however, was dedicated to getting to know the actor better through talk segments, where some of his dramas were reviewed with much excitement and laughter.



Having taken on the role of 'Kang-Chul' in 'W - Two Worlds' and looking like a 만찢 (so perfect as though he stepped out of a manhwa), Lee Jong Suk could not escape from showing his signature cheesy 'wink'. Obliging to the popular request, the actor however got visibly embarrassed and mumbled "그만해"​ (please stop) to change the topic. During the talk segment, the 27-year-old actor also discussed his role in 'W' and how it was one of the harder roles he had to play in his career. When asked to choose between a romantic scene and an action scene, the heart-throb chose the former as he complained that he does not like to exercise and sweat. Certainly something most can relate to! 


On top of being a romantic who is averse to sweating, his caring side was unveiled when he mentioned that he would rather be beaten up in a scene than to beat someone as he worries about their safety.



The next segment is one that fans have been waiting for! Lee Jong Suk revealed his ideal type via a game of putting together facial features. After a selection process, a lucky female fan who somewhat resembled the 'ideal picture' was chosen and became the envy of everyone in the audience. The romantic actor serenaded with an old-school ballad by 'UN' titled '선물​' (Gift) while holding the lucky girl's hands and stroking her hair. There certainly was some sizzling spark and nervousness going on between the two as Lee looked lovingly into her eyes before presenting her with a gift.


Although the actor is by no means a professional singer, and forewarned the audience not to have high expectations, his passion and sincerity in delivering the songs were certainly commendable. Lee Jong Suk sang two tracks titled 'Eat' and 'Kiss Me' by his favourite hip-hop R&B artiste, Zion.T as well as 'Pinocchio', an ost from his drama.



Towards the end of the fan meet, the actor invited his fans to move closer to take photos and videos of him, despite the 'No Photography' rule. This inevitably caused a huge mob in front of the stage yet, being the calm and cool professional, Lee Jong Suk posed for all their cameras with his signature smile. To reciprocate his love, his dedicated fans surprised with a fan-made video and held hand-banners up high to show their support for their beloved actor. What a way to end an unforgettable night! 


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