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Lee Jong Suk was too hot to handle at Singapore Press Conference

  • Name : shyalee
  • Date : 2016-11-15 00:56:11


On 12 November, actor Lee Jong Suk made an appearance at his first Singapore Press Conference​, looking so ethereal as though he had just emerged from the pages of a manhwa (comic). Held at W Hotel, the venue for the press conference was certainly apt seeing that his latest hit drama shared the same name as well. 



If 'Kang Chul' (his character in MBC drama 'W - Two Worlds') had females falling head over heels and males gawking in admiration, Lee Jong Suk proved he could do just as well. A man with few words, the 27-year-old instead charmed by flashing his signature pearly whites, a guranteed way of winning hearts. Smartly decked in a dark navy plaid suit, the heart-throb exuded 'Kang Chul' vibes throughout the media session. 


Literally too hot to handle, the actor shared that the memorable part of shooting 'W' was sweating profusely due to the hot weather. He could not recall anything else more striking in his memory. The weather must have been terrible enough to overshadow the sweet romantic moments he shared with his co-star, Han Hyo Joo!



Upon seeing the actor up-close, one cannot help but notice his flawless and pale complexion, almost akin to that of a new-born baby! When asked to share his secret to perfect skin, the actor laughed shyly and revealed that he "tries to stay out of the sun, as much as possible". That sounds pretty much impossible seeing the number of dramas he has lined up and the fact that outdoor filming is not something an actor can avoid.


The highly sought-after actor has been busy filming his new action-thriller movie, 'VIP', taking on the role of a North Korean serial killer - a refreshing change from his usual heroic characters. Though it had him feeling worried about his ability to do a good job, the actor expressed excitement at the challenge. Unfortunately, being a workaholic also means the lack of special year-end plans, as the sole focus goes towards completing his movie well. Acting aside, Lee Jong Suk who initially debuted as a runway model, also expressed interest in fashion. Collaborating with some friends, he has produced several items - some of which he gave away to lucky fans during his fanmeet. 



Lee's busy schedule has not hindered the ability to maintain his relationships, citing 'Pinocchio' co-actor Yoon Kyun Sang and fellow model-turned-actor Kim Woo Bin as close friends he keeps in touch with. Seems like the 'School 2013' bromance with Kim Woo Bin has grown stronger over the years, with the two having made plans to grab a meal once Lee returns to Korea. 


The good-natured actor eventually wrapped up the press conference by hilariously requesting the media in attendance to "Please write a good article about me!" 


Korea.com would like to extend our thanks to the event organizer IME Singapore for the media invitation. Meanwhile, stay tuned for our Fanmeeting report! For high-quality photos of the charming heart-throb, check out Korea'com's Facebook Page!



Korea.com's Shya contributed to this report from Singapore.

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