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Lee Jong Suk Embarks on Asia Fanmeeting Tour

  • Name : shyalee
  • Date : 2016-10-05 11:24:10


Actor Lee Jong Suk, who recently wrapped up his role as 'Kang-Chul' in the highly-rated MBC drama 'W', will be extending his Asia Fanmeeting '2016 Lee Jong Suk Fanmeeting Variety' to more stops in Asia! 


His fanmeeting tour kicked off successfully in Seoul, Korea on September 10. Reportedly within 5 minutes upon the start of the public sale, all 3,500 tickets were sold out. Prior to his Seoul event, Lee Jong Suk asked fans for song recommendations through his personal sns and impressed the audience as he crooned to Zion. T's ballad 'Eat' at his fanmeeting.


The 26-year-old hallyu star's popularity is indeed formidable. With love-calls made from overseas fans and companies, his fanmeeting tour has extended beyond Korea and Japan, with more stops in Asia confirmed. The highly-raved star will be heading to Taiwan (October 22), Thailand (October 28) and Singapore (12 November).


Lee Jong Suk's past popular dramas include 'Pinocchio', 'I Hear Your Voice' and 'School 2013'. He has also acted in the movie 'Hot-Blooded Youth' alongside actress Park Bo Young. 


Meanwhile, the actor has confirmed a leading role as a seriel killer in upcoming action movie 'VIP'. A stark contrast to his heroic role in 'W', Lee Jong Suk will be transforming into a villain for the first time. He takes on the character of 'Kwang-Il', the son of a North Korean official who commits murder as he travels around. 


Korea.com's Shya contributed to this report from Singapore.

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