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'W' Lee Jong Suk is sharp-sighted through a target.

Photo from MBC 'W-Two worlds'

​MBC open a public a photo of Lee Jong Suk who is now shooting on a new MBC drama 'W-Two worlds.' He is to aim at a target in the photo.

Lee Jong Suk takes a role of Kang Chul who is 18 years old member of the national team. He is an archer who prepared to attend Olympic.

Lee Jong Suk prepared a lot to change himself as archer and he showed perfect feature like real Olympic Gold medalist. Crews were surprised because of him. Many people believe him as a real archer.

Production company said "Kang Chul will captivate an audience with strong feature in the first episode of the drama."

In 'W', 2-year resident surgeon Oh Yeon Joo will become tangled in a suspenseful romantic with suber-chaebol Kang Chul in same locations, but different dimensions. The first episode will release on July 20.

Korea.com's Mindy Park contributed to this report from Seoul.​

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