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'Uncontrollably Fond', Kim WooBin♥Suzy's Romance is released!

​Photo from KBS

​A second teaser for 'Uncontrollably Fond' has finally been released with a romantic touch.

This teaser is out on May 26. After revealing their first teaser for the drama, KBS drama has revealed its second teaser featuring leads Kim WooBin and Suzy.

The previous teaser showed how the couple first met. In the new teaser Kim Woo Bin says, "Will you go out with me?" making drama much more exciting. Also Suzy even brings out some force aegyo for WooBin.

'Uncontrollably Fond' is a melodrama about a man and woman who were sadly separated when they were young and later meet again when he is a top star and she is a documentary producer. The first episode will be released on July 6.


Korea.com's Mindy and Emily contributed to this report from Seoul.​ 

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