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“Lucky Romance” releases lucky couple’s teaser cuts!

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2016-04-27 09:40:04



MBC’s upcoming soap opera “Lucky Romance” released teaser cuts through MBC’s official SNS.





In the photos, Hwang Jeong-eum is shown getting caught secretly putting a talisman on Ryu Joon-yeol’s back.





At the same time, the photos of Ryu Joon-yeol were taken as he stares at Jeong-eum whom he recognizes standing behind him.


The teaser cuts are a part of a shoot done under fluttering cherry blossom trees in Ilsan Lake Park on April 7. Reportedly the leads showed good vibes while the photos were taken although this was the first time they had ever done teaser cuts.


MBC’s new soap opera “Lucky Romance” is based on a webtoon featuring a romantic comedy with a female lead named Shim Bo-nui(Hwang Jeong-eum) who totally believes in superstitions and a male lead named Je Su-ho (Ryu Joon-yeol) who trusts only formulas for studying engineering technology.


The first episode of “Lucky Romance” will be broadcast on May 25.  




Korea.com's Blare Kim contributed to this report from Seoul.

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