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Tul Pakorn: From Humble Beginning to Stardom

  • Name : gikimtan
  • Date : 2018-05-06 20:25:05

​Actor superstar, Tul Pakorn will now begin his new TV series called Together with Mr , The Next Chapter and according to his interview the shooting will begin this May and no definite date when is going to be on air.  He mentioned in an interview that his new tv series is going to be a little mature role. This must be something to look forward with more excitement. Something new, for a new beginning, something to last for a long time. 


Meeting Tul: If there's anything in this world that I could not forget was the day I met him during the fanmeet in Manila, the courtesy he gave me was such a wonderful act from a superstar like him, I have met many stars in different fanmeet but it was only him who gave me a sincere smile .Today there is only handful of people whose faces I can't forget , when I gave him my gift I saw to his eyes his sincerity and appreciation he even hold his palm together to give thanks to me, i am really touched by his sincerity. It was so vivid and to me that was the greatest and humble act from a superstar like him. No traces of being proud. No wonder a simple and very humble beginning leads to a stardom. he deserves to be a star!


His future dreams.. he mentioned in one interview that he plans to study abroad for not more than two years, but not too sure about that to study further ...it is also his passion to design houses and build structures. His acting, skills will also surely lead a path to more success. His stardom now became possible because of his humility , passion and to bring happiness to his family and fans. 

For whatever the desire of his heart , Tul Pakorn leads a pack and they-we follow him.  

We wish him all the best!

photo @Tul Pakorn IG and facebook

writing special article for Korea.com  : gikimtan




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