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Kim Hyun Joong New Single Released - "THIS IS LOVE"

  • Name : gikimtan
  • Date : 2019-09-21 16:24:09

Korea’s hallyu superstar once again spread his wings to captured countless hearts of fans from Korea and other parts of the world by releasing new single “THIS IS LOVE”.  this new single released on Sept 11, 2019 is written and composed by himself.  It is the opposite beat from Komapta, his sad love song composition. THIS IS LOVE  is a soulful and heartfelt softly rocky beat  that screams love on the a grand and colorful theme.  This song is co-written by ZIGGY one of the best vocalist in Japan.  His collaboration with Kim Hyun joong music is deeply appreciated. “He said, that collaboration with Kim Hyun Joong ssi is a fresh encounter for him and thankful sincerely from his heart”


It’s been long years since Kim Hyun Joong made this kind of love song with an upbeat and rocky theme. I remember the “Let’s Party” “HEAT”  song he released in Japan few years back and it became popular in Japan chart. THIS IS LOVE  is somehow kind of love song , a happy one . He certainly hopes a happy love relationship.


This new single ‘THIS IS LOVE’ is a combination of love song, and little rocky upbeat. I had my mixed emotions on this song. His voice is perfectly fit on this song!  I am really  happy that Kim Hyun Joong found himself in a place he has longed to be.  Which I know one of his favorite music dreams and desires. He loves music. Without a doubt music played a significant role in his life and his career.  He has never hidden his ambition from his fans. On this album can find and listen to other music "Beyond Crazy" "I'm a Million", Love song (Japanese version)


He enjoys music and dancing as well.  No wonder why all the encore on his fan meetings were all lively songs.   Because of his dream he achieved the pinnacle of being a Hallyu star. No doubt about it.


The phenomenon called “Kim Hyun Joong” is poised to prove himself. He proved he can change his looks and his sounds when he likes it.  See him now “THIS IS LOVE” makes his complete as a good singer.  It takes one good song for a good singer”, This song feels love at the happy times.


The simple boy from Jamsil, and shy “Ji-Hoo” of Boys Over Flower to a Hallyu superstar. Poised at the release of his new single, “This is Love” is full music video showed him as the unbeatable star of the decade.


I should give Kim Hyun Joong an applause for the continued creating good music for his fans.  I recognize and value all his efforts from the start of his career as leader of band  to solo artist, Kim Hyun Joong made himself improved a lot and  his craft. His passion for music in unbeatable, as much as he loves music he also valued his fans so much. I remember he said in one interview that as long as there is one or two fans willing to listen to his music he will continue to sing, even in a small music place, he would certainly sing. He is an amazing artist to value fans.


I will give him full credit for creating feel good song like THIS IS LOVE, and for his fearlessness in conquering the world outside Korea. It only proves his determination to break out of the mold. It is not easy for him to achieved this success but he did it! He certainly did it and deserve to be called Hallyu superstar. Kim Hyun Joong congratulations for your new single ‘THIS IS LOVE” and for your fans  You are LOVE.


We wish him all the best!   Fighting! 


Written by: gikimtan





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