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LaLaLa Festival 2019: The Biggest Forest Music Festival to Feature R&B Artiste Crush this Year

  • Name : lovehallyuwood
  • Date : 2019-01-17 18:00:01






Bandung, Indonesia - The biggest international forest music festival of Indonesia is set to be held on 23 February 2019 in Orchid Forest Cikole, Lembang. The much-anticipated event is broadcasted to be even bigger and better this time, as LaLaLa Festival has always had its own charming way with music enthusiasts all over the country. ​ Headlining as part of the festival comes our beloved R&B Prince Singer-songwriter Crush, to perform with Band Wonderlust.



Going forward to a bigger scale of festivity, LaLaLa Festival 2019 offers one stop celebration of music with more experiences and even bigger performers. Staying true to their calling, LaLaLa Festival 2019 will be held once again in Orchird Forest, famed for its striking woodland and beautiful gazes.


Eka Pramudita, Project Manager of LaLaLa Festival 2019 shares some of the beans

with much excitement. “There is something special about music and nature that

keep us, that fuse within the self deep, craving for some more. An enchantment, our

muse of sorts to. LaLaLa Festival and the nature calling is one conjunction that can’t

stand by its own.”

Unique experience, sentimental value, and aesthetic mark that embody music of all genres keep being one of the strongest magnet of the event. Emphasized by Indonesia’s true nature beauty, the inspiration magnifies timeless conceptual presented by LaLaLa Festival.



Audience are expected to prepare and be aware that the festival is held outdoors, and rain or shine, the festival will continue to go on except harsh conditions. Time to prepare your best raincoat and boots and enjoy the breath of fresh air, away from the city!


Tickets can be found here.

-'s Editor Rice contributed to this report from Indonesia 

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