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Kim Hyun Joong 2019 Kick Off concert this February - New Way

  • Name : gikimtan
  • Date : 2019-01-10 18:00:01

Hallyu Star Kim Hyun Joong will have his new year kick off this February in three different cities of South Korea.  ​This is his first concert in 2019 . Countless accounts by adoring fans have been published all over from different social media promoting this concert, how amazing to see post from this very huge fan base from South Korea to as far as Latin and Eastern Europe.  


Like a stray cat, I must be one of the last to hope on the line.  As expected the concert in Seoul is always full packed.Allow me share some of my memorable experienced inside his concerts. It  is always the simplicity of the venue  attracted me I have watched four concerts of him so far . not only in Seoul but outside Korea as well, in  Honkong, and Thailand.  My experienced inside the concert of the Hallyu star Kim Hyun Joong was an amazing experience where the stage is just so bear with simple lightning all that you can see is his glowing big eyes, hear his voice and very amazing dance move from funky, fancies to rock to sweet and sexy move.  The lifting style  always there and the song "thank you" is a sure heart song for each fans inside. the Breakdown song is always like a petal revealing the inside of Kim Hyun Joong soul. As expected it set the mood for all of his concert. he can easliy swap his fans emotions from high energy to emotional feelings. 


He may be singing in Korean but his songs reach out to his international fans as well.  The encore, (or the farewell) of his concert is always the high energy song most of the favorite are Lucky Guy and Let's Party”. This is where all the fans watching will stand up sway the uzoosin stick and dance with him.


His journey for the past 10 years having concert is that he was able to build a personal rapport with each and everyone in the audience. He establishes a bond and all other cease to exist.  He can easily have turned the audience mood from high energy to slow mood by singing so sweet and softly voice, a moment that could bring tears to the eyes. The secret of his this rapport is up to you to know when you are inside the concert.  His style is always a heartwarming in the end. He always make sure that his concert is a worth watching for.


This February the NEW WAY concert will surely be a great success, it will surely offer the simplicity and yet worth attending for.

Feb 09 & 10 – Seoul, Blue Square  Market Hall  18:00 KST


Feb 23 – Busan KBS Hall  18:00 KST


You can buy tickets at:



Kim Hyun Joong concert may not be decorated with glamour and big lights and great stage decorations, but he always offers the best of him .  There will be other concerts and in big venue but Kim Hyun Joong concerts will always be like the brightest star striking the dark cloud across the sky when you look up!


Congratulations Kim Hyun Joong nim for your concert. NEW WAY!   Good Luck to you and We wish you all the Best!


Break a Leg!


written for  gikimtan






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