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SS501's Kim Hyung Jun to hold Welcome Back Fanmeet in Seoul

  • Name : babyvfan
  • Date : 2018-11-20 17:27:11




SS501's Kim Hyung Jun who will be discharged from army on 29th December 2018, has just announced that he will be holding 'Welcome Back Hyung Jun Fanmeet in Seoul' on 19th January 2019 through his agency CI Entertainment. 


With about one month left to discharge and two months till his comeback fanmeeting, what can fans look forward to for the singer cum actor's upcoming fanmeeting? Well, we will say, it definitely came as a whole package of perks and fan services, name it and you get it!


From the fanmeet tour info released by his agency, fans who signed up for the 3 days 2 nights tour can expect to attend both a special fanmeeting and a concert, as well as getting 1-to-1 photo and handshake opportunities with Kim Hyung Jun. On top of that, there is a special request arrangement where the fans can make a choice out 5 choices such as a selca taken by Hyung Jun or completing a heart shape sign photo with Hyung Jun. Last but not least, there would also be a special Good Night Greeting Session for fans.


With all these perks, Kim Hyung Jun is definitely living up to his name as one of the idols with best fan-services!





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