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Kim Hyun Joong TV Drama Comeback Premiere Oct 24 - " At The Moment" at KBS W > K-POP

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Kim Hyun Joong TV Drama Comeback Premiere Oct 24 - " At The Moment" at KBS W

  • Name : gikimtan
  • Date : 2018-10-23 17:56:10

Hallyu Superstar Kim Hyun Joong held the press conference today Oct 23, 2018 for his TV comeback after 4 years.by KBS W . Full set of  characters were presented today .  Actors Lim Hae Ryong, In Kyoung Jinm An Ji Hyun and Junn Seung Taegi.  Kim Hyun Joong asked about how he felt about his controversy on case and he jst answered beautifully " It's not the most comfortable being here in front of you but I just want to be honest witht he press as well as promoting the show".  He continue that the last four years have been tough years for him. He added that he had received support from his fans and other people who love him". And that keeps him going to do acting and singing again". He also said that he will do his best for his son". 


Kim Hyun Joong with full of confidence wears a black suits that makes him so debonaire. He was with his perfect smile while walking the hall going to the conference hall sided by TONS of Rice Wreath donations from his fans around the world. Saw some from Bulgarian , Hongkong and other countries. What  a wonderful fandom he has.  


This is his dream role to be with super power and  who is able to stop the time in the pole , and wants to discover the   meaning of life together with Kim Sun-ah (Ahn Ji Hyun) . 

Tomorrow Oct 24, 2018 is the premiere of this TV drama at KBS W  and also available on Viki for his international fans.

Many fans around the world have waited for him for 4 years to have this tv drama again so it must be number 1 in the prime slot.  He is currently having his promotion in different cities in Japan for his new single .  He will be in Koto , Kagawa,  Tokyo , Hachigi and Saitama for the next two weeks of October.

A good fortune is embracing him now. No one can put a good man down! And it only proves that he still one of the Hallyu Superstar in Kpop world. 



We wish him all the best and all the cast!  Kim Hyun Joong , Congratulations and Fighting! 


written for korea.com's gikimtan



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