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f(x) Krystal transform into 'Island Girl' for pictorial

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2018-06-12 16:59:06





f(x) member Krystal was chosen as ‘Muse represent asia’ and filmed a set of pictorial on Jeji Island.


Krystal appeared on May issue of famous fashion magazine L'Officiel Italia with a concept of‘Special Muse’. She was introduced as the ‘Muse represent asia who gives great inspiration to fashion and culture industry with her excellent sense and ablity.’



Photoshoot was taken on Jeju Island. Krystal transformed into an ‘island girl’ with expressions and poses that totally matched with the nature. Krystal has also talked about her thoughts on being an artist who is in her 8th year in entertainment industry and her future, as well as opinions about KPOP.


Meanwhile, Krystal is now active as both singer and actress.


Photo Source: SM Entertainment

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