SHINee releases MV teaser #2 for '데리러 가 (Good Evening)' > K-POP

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SHINee releases MV teaser #2 for '데리러 가 (Good Evening)'

  • Name : bobamochi
  • Date : 2018-05-26 03:57:05

Just a few days away from release, ​SHINee​ has released another MV teaser for upcoming title track '​데리러 가 (Good Evening)​'.


The title track sounds very promising while giving fans the signature SHINee sound. The four members can be seen in a colorful haze, with ​Taemin​ and ​Key​ showing some dance moves with their afterimages following them. It seems all like a psychedelic dream as the members just dance around all in a daze to some very electronic, clubbing beats.


Check it out!


​written by's Emily 

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