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SHINee announces release schedule for 'The Story of Light'

  • Name : bobamochi
  • Date : 2018-05-17 04:52:05


​Photo: SHINee | SM Entertainment | Twitter

Having announced their comeback in the past day, ​SHINee​ is back with even more good news.

The group released the schedule for the first of three EPs, '​The Story of Light EP. 1​" Beginning on May 18th, SHINee will be releasing a "SHINee Color Chip" (what does this even mean?) before returning back on the 21st with the first MV teaser, teaser images, the group's pick, and today's pick. Fans are speculating that it will be similar to their previous album in which members pick what their favorite song was, amongst other stuff. The release schedule culminates with the official drop of the album on May 28th, after which, another release schedule should be out for EP. 2.

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