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BTS questions the idea of 'Fake Love' in MV teaser

  • Name : bobamochi
  • Date : 2018-05-15 00:31:05

​It's almost D-Day​ for ​ARMYs​ as they wait excitedly for the newest chapter in the ​BTS​ journey. Just days away from what is arguably the most hyped and highly anticipated comeback in the KPOP scene this moment, the 7-member group has released the first official teaser of title track ​'​Fake Love​' for upcoming album '​Love Yourself 轉 Tear​'.


In the almost-2 minute teaser, the members can be seen walking in a dimly lit area to a pawn window, exchanging some personal items, such as a shard of glass or a Snickers bar, for lollipops and a hairtie. ​Jungkook​ is the last to enter; he is given a key that unlocks a door to another dimly lit room with coat hangers and a mysterious hooded figure before the screen cuts to black and a snippet of the song can be heard.


What do you think so far?


​written by's Emily 

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