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KCON USA announces next artists in KCON 18 NY lineup!

  • Name : bobamochi
  • Date : 2018-04-13 09:17:04

The next artists for ​KCON 2018 New York​ have been announced!




​Soloist Heize​ is the first female artist for ​KCON 18 NY​. This will be her second KCON appearance in the US following her appearance at ​KCON 17 LA​ the previous year. She has been very successful on the digital charts, reigning on the Melon charts at #1 last year with ​You, Cloud, Rains​. Having seen her last year at KCON LA, we'd like to say that the NY audience and fans are in for a treat!




​Girl group ​EXID​ is next up. The group came back with ​"Lady​" and is no stranger to KCON. They appeared at ​KCON 17 Mexico​ and will also be making an appearance at ​KTMF​ later this month. The group shot up to popularity thanks to a viral fancam of member ​Hani​ and let their song, "​Up & Down​", make a comeback on the charts. Since then, they've been pumping out hit songs one after another, including '​Every Night​' and '​Hot Pink​'. 


Female power for the win! Does this make you even more excited?


​written by Korea.com's Emily 

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