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Meet 5tion through live broadcast!

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2018-04-05 17:50:04


On April 5, had a live broadcast with 5tion. 4 members (Roy, Len, Noa and Marine) greeted their friends using various languages first. Talking about their new song ‘Love takes time’, Len who wrote the lyrics and making the melody explained that the song express a message of waiting for the true love. Member has also discussed with the amount of time that it takes for them to fall in love with Len explaining that he is the type who needs to know deeply for a person to fall in love with.


5tion mainly activates in Japan now. While asking on the difference between Korea fans and oversea fans, Roy replied that while Korea fans are more enthusiastic and eager to express their love to them, overseas fans seem to be more introverted. Roy has also shared a story about a Korean fan who always gave him heart made my paper money.


Talking about the production of songs, besides Len, Roa has also started learning the production of a song and felt that it is actually difficult to make a song. While discussing about which member they would like to work with for unit activities, Marine replied that he would like to work with Roy as a trot duo while Len would like to have collaboration with Zion.T.


After performing a little bit of ‘Come back’ which released on January, Roy revealed that they are planning various activities in Korea and Japan and hope that all their fans will continue to support them. 


(Please refer to facebook for the full version of the interview) 

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