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Super Junior suited up for a Super Show in Singapore

  • Name : bobamochi
  • Date : 2018-02-11 17:00:02


On 27 January 2018, K-Pop legends Super Junior returned to Singapore after 3 years for their Super Show 7 concert. Held at Singapore Indoor Stadium and organized by One Production, Singapore was the first overseas stop for their tour. Shin Dong, Si Won, Dong Hae, Hee Chul, Eun Hyuk, Ye Sung and Lee Teuk impressed a whopping 7500 fans with a 3-hour long show.

The group’s popularity was evident even before the start of the show! ELFs (Super Junior fans) were seen queuing early for the official merchandise which sold out quickly and the venue was almost filled up to the balcony section on the third level.





Super Junior opened the concert with "Black Suit", their latest comeback track from the PLAY album, followed by a short dance break by Eun Hyuk before grooving into "Scene Stealer” and "Mamacita”. During their opening speech, Eun Hyuk conversed with in Singlish (Singapore English) mentioning "I'll always be by your side, I love you guys lah" while Lee Teuk shouted out "My Princess!" to fans during his speech.

After a change of outfits, Super Junior performed "Girlfriend", "This is love", "Too Late" and "It's You". Props were prepared and they performed at the extended stages much to the delight of fans who were seated at the terraces as they could get a close-up view. Returning to the main stage, legendary hits like "Sorry Sorry", "Bonamana" and "Mr Simple" brought fans down memory lane.




One of the main highlights of the show was when Dong Hae played the piano to start off "One More Chance", while fans held up fan support banners that says "I love you more and more each day" during the "Memories" and "Stars Appear" stages. In order to show their love for their fans, Super Junior members gave out flowers to fans in the mosh pits during "Magic" while dishing out plenty of fan service. There were special stages where Siwon showed his DJ skills during "Let's Dance" while Hee Chul had a drum solo stage. Super Junior's backup dancers were also given time to have their solo stage and performed "U", "Oppa Oppa" and "Choki Choki". Nearing the end of the show, Lee Teuk read out a letter to ELFs to thank them for their support and asked if they would accept Super Junior's proposal. Upon hearing a united “Yes” reply from fans, the members began serenading with "I Do".

Throughout the show, Lee Teuk often ran around the extension stages to interact with fans. A few lucky fans in the mosh pit also managed to get selfies with Eun Hyuk and Dong Hae. When the show ended, exclusive video clips and a surprise message from Kyu Hyun and Ryeo Wook were played.



The entire show was beautifully prepared from start to end and definitely a night to be remembered. There were lots of interactions between fans and Super Junior, with fan chants clearly echoing in the stadium through the night. The members promised to come back to Singapore soon and indicated that they would love to be in Singapore for a holiday if their schedule permits.

Super Show 7 in Singapore was organized by One Production. Stay tuned for their next show, EXO PLANET #4 – The EℓyXiOn – in Singapore on 3 March!

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