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[BREAKING] JYP annouces 'miss A disbandment'

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2017-12-27 11:55:12




Girl group miss-A will be disbanding. According to JYP Entertainment they have officially annouced 'miss-A will be disbanding'. Member fei and Suzy have renewed their contract with JYP as Jia and Min has already left JYP Entertainment. 


It is sad that the label of Korea girl group miss-A have disbanded but on the otherhand it has not surprise the fans since member Jia and Min has left already. ​


Group miss-A has debuted on 2010 July as they received award at 'M-net Asian Music Awards' with their debut title track 'Bad Girl Good Girl'. As they came back with new tracks they've always made it a hit song. ​ 

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