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TaeYeon "Good Night, You did well"

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2017-12-22 14:03:12

​(Picture: TaeYeon Instagram)


TaeYeon has uploaded a picture that she took with JongHyun. On her Instagram she wrote "Good Night JongHyun. You've done well so as today. This was when we tried to take good selfie when we both had full makeup and looked good. We also wore pink outfit together and sang track 'Lonely' "


Inside the picture that TaeYeon have uploaded, JongHyun and TaeYeon wore pink clothes that matched eachother. TaeYeon did featuring with JongHyun's second album title track 'Lonely'​.


JongHyun and TaeYeon has been very closed together and shared eachothers story to eachother. TaeYeon will be having winter concert beginning from today for three days. Fans are worried of TaeYeon having the concert.


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