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Jonghyun, still from Portugal:

  • Name : 지혜tysh
  • Date : 2017-12-22 09:09:12

Yes, there's more:

"Thank you for everything and I'm sorry for anything. 

You did a good job. 

We love you Jjong"



"It's been a while since i meet you and shinee. You guys became so closed and important to me in such small steps... I cant even explained it. I never thought this would happened.... I still cant believe it. I just hope you can find your peace and happyness. I wish i could've done something...... You were like big brother to're family. 

You'll never forget you <3

You did so well. Jjong, jongie <3" 

Inês, 25


"4 days have passed since we got the news... My friend got a phone call, about you, and she told me... I just said please calm down, let me check my sns... all I saw was you, that you were no longer here... my world collapsed~ I remember feeling like my blood left my body... my hands were numb... why did you have to leave? I can't imagine the pain you felt inside of you, taking over the happy moments you had~ was it too much? Would you have been ok if you just stopped being an idol? How come there was no other way? Would our words change the way you felt? I feel like they wouldn't... You were really an inspiration, a person everyone wants to be: caring, hard-working, who fought for the right causes ♡ but in the end the one needing help was you~ I'm sorry we couldn't change your mind, I'm sorry for not being able to help you... I hope your pain has finally ended and that you are happy and resting, somewhere nice where troubles are not found and only happiness and love exist~ I can't blame you~ It was not your fault.... You really worked hard ♡ You will always be loved for those who have been blessed to have you in their lives. 

Please take care of your mom, sister and your brothers because their love for you is greater than anything else in this world~ May you rest in peace, sweet Jonghyun. You are loved~ You worked hard~​" 

Carla, 24


"I can't forget how I got the news. I was working and it was lunch time. I sat down, looked at my phone and saw my sister's message. My world just crumbled. I felt dizzy and started searching like crazy, hoping it was a mistake or a bad joke. After while, with more and more news coming, the confirmation arrived. I had to put a strong face, feeling numb and pretend everything was okay, had to continue to work. That night, I head and heart were hurting so much. The next days the routine was the same. Waking up, putting a strong face, work and get home to cry myself to sleep. This night, at midnight, it was the hardest time in these last couple years. I cried so hard, I couldn't breathe, I started getting dizzy and I realized this was our reality, you were really gone for good. I cried, again, myself to sleep and woke up exausted and numb. 

I'm so sorry we failed to help you like you've always helped us. You were and always will be our angel. Always an inspiration, always helping us. Today, on my way to work, I listened to your music and felt better, didn't feel alone and felt, for the first time since the news broke, at peace. You've been through a lot, you were suffering. I'm so sorry, I wish I could've done better, more for you. You've worked so hard and did so well!

I hope you've found your light, your happiness and peace. Look down for us, our sweet angel. I'll never forget and stop loving you. Thank you for everything, our Jjong" 

Catarina, 24


As you can see Jonghyun, you did very well.

Take care of us all.


Your's truly,



Written by's Tysh


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