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Zion.T shy to have eye-contact

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2017-12-07 10:38:12

​(Picture: Munhwanews - JTBC '한끼줍쇼' capture screen)


On JTBC program 'Give me a meal' Zion.T ​revealed the reason of why he started wearing sun-glasses. On 'Give me a meal' that was on air on December 6, Zion.T and Lee juck became partners trying to get meals. However, they failed to get meals so Zion.T and Kang Ho-Dong went to the convenience store to have dinner.


Kang Ho-Dong asked ​Zion.T "How was your father when you were young?" and Zion.T answered "He was a friendly father. My dream is to become a Dad like my father."


He also asked Zion.T ​"Even though peopl have talent they have to have courage in order to stand on stage and perform. It'll be easy for outgoing person but unlike those you look introspective."

Zion.T replied "I've never thought of becoming a singer but since I kept making music and as these musics was opened to the public I've became a singer. It's very difficult to sing and have eye-contact with people while performing so I started wearing sun-glasses."

Kang Ho-Dong said to Zion.T that he looks very comfortable and enjoys being on stage.

Zion.T said that the reason is because he is wearing 'Sun-Glasses' and has no 'Eye-Contact' right away with the fans which made Kang Ho-Dong and the PDs laugh.  

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