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SHINee Onew writes written Apology

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2017-12-05 09:49:12

​(Picture: MK Sports)


SHINEE member Onew had controvery in August in which he was accused of sexual harassment. After four month has passed Onew finally showed up in SNS and wrote an apology. The handwritten apology letter was posted on SHINEE's website.  ​

As translating the apology letter reads as following:


Hello, this is Onew

Thank you for always loving and cheering for me all the time and I'm sincerely sorry that I've disappointed you. As I've rested for the past four months I've ​been reflecting deeply on how much I've disappointed you and blamed myself for my action. I've worried and thought for a long time about how to apologize and which words I should use. Since I'm sincerely sorry about what I've done I was cautious about even writing this apology. Even though it's late I'm writing my apology now.

As I received lots of love ​and attention I should have been more responsible with my private life. I'm so sorry to make you disappointed.

I'm sincerely sorry to my members who have been working hard with me for over nine years and also my parents and company staffs who mush have been surprised and shocked becuase of the problem that I've made.

I will keep reflecting and be more strict to myself. I promise to you that in public and in private life I 'll do my best to be person who is worthy of the name group 'SHINee'


From. Onew


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