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2017 Melon Music Awards

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2017-12-04 15:55:12

​(Picture: Munhwanews - 2017 Melon Music Awards)


2017 Melon Music Awards with Kakao mini was held at Gocheok SkyDome in Seoul and opened a new chapter in the public awards ceremony as they received the highest praise from fans, artists and musicians.

The colorful stage, amazing performances and genres of music were all shown at '2017 Melon Music Awards'. 


With spectacular perfomances and stage effects it has surprised everyone who came and those who watched it through TV. Hyun-A won MBC Music Star Award and showed performance with her new song 'Lip & Hip'. Singer Hong Jin-Young and Kim Young-Chul sang '따르릉'.


For 2017 Melon Music Award this year the ceremony was filled with 'authenticity'. First of all IU received award for the best stage performance as she made chance for other junior artists to stand up on stage. Signer Pak Hy-Shin joined the ceremony in 13 years and won 'Stage of the year' as he sang 'Wile Flower'. Moreover, Ed Sheeran received trophy for music style daily POP as he showed appreciation for the award in a video letter as he said 'Thank You'


Melon officials said "The ceremony for this year was different from the event in the previous ceremony which made the value of K-POP higher and fans and artists get closer".






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