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Heo Young Saeng, family of KQ Entertainment

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2017-11-13 10:47:11

​(Picture: Munhwanews)


 Singer Heo Young-Saeng have had exclusive contract with KQ Entertainment. KQ Entertainment announced "Heo Young-Saeng has already proved that he is a talented singer and we decided to have contract with him".


KQ Entertainment will be showing full time support for Heo Young-Saeng's activities. Currently, Heo Young-Saeng is working on musical '올슉업' as he will be showing various of sides of him.


He has debuted as SS501 in 2005 as he worked on himself too. Moreover, he has participated in numerous of drama OST such as MBC drama '군주' , tvN drama '막돼먹은 영애씨' and etc.


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