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2017 ASSA CUP in GyeongJu

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2017-09-25 14:27:09

​(Picture: H2 Media, Major9)


Singer HwanHee, Ben, My name will be joining '2017 ASSA CUP IN GYEONGJU' concert.

Beginning from October 26th till 29th '2017 ASSA CUP IN GYEONGJU' will be held!


Hwang ChiYeul, Vibe, Crush, Zion.T will also be joining the stage to celebrate the event. '2017 ASSA CUP IN GYEONGJU' is a Korean Wave festival celebrating withvariety of artists from Japan, Philippines, Vietname, Thailand, Singapore. Moreover, famous stars from these six countries will be coming as they join K-Pop concert and soccer match.


Tickets are able to be purchased through Melon Ticket and HanaTour ITC.   

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