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VIXX's N fainted and apologized for worrying fans

  • Name : Celine셀린
  • Date : 2017-08-10 06:24:08


On August 9, VIXX’s N suddenly fainted during a performance in Gyeongju ,  “N fainted on stage. He was helped off stage by the VIXX members and manager and was carried on a stretcher to the medical station.” 


Then VIXX's agency , Jellyfish Entertainment,  shared that he fainted due to the heat and received medical care after getting off of stage.“Hello.

This is Jellyfish Entertainment.

We apologize for causing fans to worry because of what happened today (the 9th) during the outside performance in Gyeongju, and we are here to inform you of N’s current condition and future activities.

Due to the hot weather and excitement at the venue, N experienced dizziness while performing, and, not being able to continue, he left the stage and went to the infirmary.

Afterward, the other five members finished the performance, and N received first aid from the medical staff on call at the venue and rested.

And after the performance ended, N visited a nearby hospital to check his condition.
Fortunately, it was confirmed nothing is wrong with his health, but we plan to make sure he gets sufficient rest and focuses on recovering his health after this.

Once again, we apologize for causing fans to worry, and we will continue to check his condition and be more careful about taking care of his health.

Thank you..”


N took his Twitter account to reassure and apologize to his fans​ : " I sincerely apologize for causing many people to worry about me. There were probably fans who came all the way to Gyeongju to see VIXX’s performance. I’m very sorry. Next time, I will show up healthy and do my best to show the performances that I wasn’t able to show today. I’m really sorry". 



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