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Jessica talks about Girls' Generation in an interview

  • Name : Celine셀린
  • Date : 2017-08-09 07:04:08

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Jung Jessica (former Girls' Generation's  member ) will make her comeback, on August 9th, with a mini album called "My Decade"  featuring the title track  "Summer Storm"  .


In an interview where  she was promoting her mini album, she was asked what  Girls' Generation means for her, and here is her answer: "A precious relationship, something precious, which I spent my youth together with? We are going through everything together, including difficult and good moments and more. I think it was a really beautiful period for me that I can not erase. "


Then she was asked what she thought of "Into The New World", the debut song of Girls' Generation. "It's a really happy song. A song that I cherish. I saw some buses on my way to the hair salon today, and they were 'Into the New World' filming buses. I'm happy. Because it's a precious song. "


Then she was asked if she had listened to the new album of the Girls' Generation, she replied: "I have not been able to listen to the whole album, but I saw a music video clip. A way that suits them, and expresses their own unique colors. "

It was a long time ago that Jessica had spoken about Girls' Generation which could please the SONE and the Golden Stars (Jessica's fan ).

Are you waiting for the Ice Princess' comback?

Is there any SONE or Golden Star amongst you?


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