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NCT joins 'School 2017' OST

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2017-08-07 14:20:08

​(Picture: JG Star Entertainment - NCT 'School 2017' Making Film capture screen)


Boy Group NCT member Tae-Il, Tae-Yong and Dong-Young has joined in making OST for 'School 2017'. NCT has been selected for the fourth group to join 'School 2017' OST. Films of NCT singing OST has been released on Youtube channel so you can check them out!


Especially, for OST 'Stay In My Life' member Tae-Young composed it all by himself. NCT member Tae-Young said 'It was my first time joining for Drama OST and I had a good time singing. It made me think of my school years in the past.'



NCT 'School 2017' OST PART.4 'Stay In My Life' is released today! 

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