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Help choose WANNA ONE's title song!

  • Name : bobamochi
  • Date : 2017-07-17 14:44:07

​Wannable​s​, ​WANNA ONE​ needs your help in selecting a title song for their upcoming debut in August! 

As promised, ​YMC​ dropped the first out of 11 movies that will help fans determine which track would be the title song for debut. The first video featured none other than ​Hwang Minhyun​ (or known more affectionately as Emperor Hwang). Serving up looks like no other, Minhyun looks very much at home in the kitchen, preparing and cooking food and certainly making fans swoon at his handsome features and deep voice. He then introduces the two candidates for the debut song, "​Burn It Up​" and "​Energetic​", and explains the voting process for the song selection.


Without further ado, watch the clip above and go to to make your selection. Unfortunately, voting is only open to Korean fans, so hopefully they will choose the song that international fans will like too! Voting ends on July 27th.


​written by's Emily 

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