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TOPSECRET surprise show with K-TIGERS

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2017-07-14 13:25:07

​(Picture: JSL Company)

​Group TOPSECRET had flash mob as they met their fans.

Yesterday July 13th at HongDae, the most famous TaeKwonDo team 'K-TIGERS' and TOPSECRET performed 'MIND CONTROL' together.

As TOPSECRET sang their debut track 'SHE' and 'YESMAN' the event began. While TOPSECRET enjoyed the stage fifty children came out from the crowd which were K-Tiger members. As they showed up they joined the stage with TOPSECRET and peformed 'MIND CONTROL'.

After the flash mob TOPSECRET said "It was a great time to have a performance with K-Tigers. 'MIND CONTROL' has ended but we'll be back on stage with a new track soon so wait for us and love TOPSECRET!"

Currently, TOPSECRET second mini album 'Wake up' has ended as they will be having a fan meeting coming up on July 30 'HANA' . ​​​​​

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