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'Produce 101' Kimg Seong-Lee fan meeting with 80 fans!

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2017-06-19 17:08:06



Produce 101 season 2 Kim Seong-Lee spent time with his fans. On June 17 at HongDae EZ Hall Kim Seong-Lee had fan meeting in the first section and fan sign section. C2K ENTERTAINMENT was planning to have 50 fans for the fan meeting in the first time. However, when the fan meeting application started there were too much fans than the entertainment has thought of so the entertainment extended the seats to 80 fans instead of 50. 


In the first section (fan meeting) Kimg Seong-Lee ​had a corner talking with the fans in order to communicate and get more closer to the fans. He also sang songs that he had prepared for the fans. How sweet of him to prepare songs for his fans.

There was a section 'Ask Seong-Lee' which was a Q&A section. Before the fan meeting started the organizers received questions from the fans and it made the fan meeting atmosphere more hot.


In the second section he took selfies with his fans. Kim Seong-Lee took picture with each fans mobile phone and also had hand-shake and high-five with his fans.


The event was held for three hours. During the fan meeting Kim Seong-Lee said 'Thank you for your interest and love during Produce 101. Thank you so much' .


Kim Seong-Lee prepared a hand mirror with his autograph on it which showed that we cared and loved his fans which was very sweet.

Hope to meet Kim Seong-Lee again! ​ 

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