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Produce 101 Season 2 announces line-up for 'WANNA ONE'

  • Name : bobamochi
  • Date : 2017-06-17 05:01:06


​Photo: Wanna One / Produce 101 / Mnet



The final line-up for ​Produce 101​ Season 2 has been revealed, marking the end of an unpredictable ride for trainees and fans alike.


98 trainees began this show back in March and only 11 made it into the project group in the wee hours of June 17th in Korea. Fans voted for their favorites via online and texting, and unlike Season 1, the Top 11 could not be predicted. The male version of popular girl group ​I.O.I​, the 11 trainees will promote under the name of ​WANNA ONE​ for 18 months.


Meet the members that form this group:


1. ​Kang Daniel​ (MMO)

2. ​Park Jihoon​ (Maroo)

3. ​Lee Daehwi​ (Brand New Music)

4. ​Kim Jaehwan​ (Independent)

5. ​Ong Seongwoo​ (Fantagio)

6. ​Park Woojin​ (Brand New Music)

7. Lai Guanlin​​​ (Cube)​

8. Yoon Jisung​ (MMO)​​

9. ​Hwang Minhyun​ (Pledis)

10. ​Bae Jinyoung​ (C9)

11. ​Ha Sungwoon​ (Ador & Able)


A little surprising to most fans, but fans for the most part remain largely satisfied. Did your bias make the group?


​written by's Emily 

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