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Infinite's comeback delayed...

  • Name : Wawa724
  • Date : 2017-05-18 12:35:05



(Photo: Infinite @ Facebook)


Infinite, originally scheduled to release a new album in May, has postponed their comeback date.


Woollim Entertainment revealed on May 16th, "It appears that Infinite will not be able to make a comeback this month. First, members have been busy with their own schedules, which has affected album preparation. Also, Sunggyu​ is still undergoing treatment for his rib fracture and will need time to recover. However, they will go to Japan at the end of the month as planned. The members will start working on the new album as soon as things are more settled."


Hoya just ended filming for Radiant Office earlier this month and L is now filming for Ruler: Master of the Mask.  In addition, Infinite's contract will end this June and Woollim is currently discussing a renewal with the group.  Speaking as an INSPIRIT, hopefully this will not affect their comeback in any manner.


Written by's Christine​ 

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