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Gong Yoo New CF Released by Coway Multi-Action Air Purifier

  • Name : gikimtan
  • Date : 2017-04-20 17:03:04

On April 6, an air refresher brand called Coway Multi Action Air Purifier released their newest 30 seconds long CF. The CF showed Gong Yoo starting his day in the morning, lying in bed with a cat on his side. And showed while he is cooking and cleaning the house.


On April 20, Coway released an interview with Gong Yoo nim, it was started with question if he was too busy shooting : GY said:  He is now taking advertisements CF  while resting from shooting drama. And now he is resting at home and doing some workout. 

Q: Are you interested in cleaning the house ?

GY: I like animals so I grow cats. I do not think its easy to have distinctive smell , after using the air freshener, I feel good.

Q: How do you manage air management?
GY: When I learned that was lot of fine dust  I became interested in the air naturally. I do not like dirty things because of my personality so I strt cleaning the house in time. when you are at home I like to cook and eat simple dished so I usually turn on air purifier, when cooking, cleaning , concentrate , rapid circulation I feel the air is clean and clear soon.

source interview http://blog.coway.co.kr/179



Meanwhile, the actor himself will held his Taiwan and Hong Kong fan meeting in April 29 and May 6. Gong Yoo gained huge popularity wayback Coffee Prince era  up to his latest  TV hit  drama ‘Goblin’, which ended in January.

Watch Gong Yoo’s CF for COWAY below! 

photo credit by Coway


written by: Korea'com editor: Gikimtan (Ji-Kim)



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