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Jonghyun x Taeyeon, another power song for the charts

  • Name : bobamochi
  • Date : 2017-04-19 14:40:04

​Photo: Jonghyun / SHINee / SM Entertainment​ 


A couple days ago, ​SHINee​'s ​Jonghyun​ announced that he would be releasing his second self-composed album titled '​Story Op. 2​'. His first self-composed album, released in September of 2015, garnered much praise and love from critics and fans alike. Now, there is even more reason to be excited about this upcoming release.


One of the songs from the album, ​'​Lonely​', will be featuring none other than ​Girls' Generation​'s ​Taeyeon​, a powerful singer of her own accord. With lyrics from Jonghyun, as well as composition from him along with ​wefreaky​, ​MonoTree​ and ​IMLAY​, this song has fans impatiently anticipating what the song will sound like. 'Lonely' is described a simple instrumental configuration with a piano and string orchestra in the background as Jonghyun and Taeyeon share a conversation over song of the feeling of loneliness. It's no doubt that this song will find itself sitting among the highest ranks of the music chart.


The two SM idols previously sang a duet together via '​Breath​', found on the eponymous mini-album by ​SM The Ballad​. Look forward to Jonghyun's album dropping on April 24th. Can you wait until then?


​written by's Emily 

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