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B.A.P releases schedule for upcoming ablum

  • Name : Deisy663
  • Date : 2017-02-17 14:37:02

B.A.P has released three teaser images for their upcoming album "Rose."


One image shows six bright red roses in the middle of a dull-looking room. The image also has the schedule for more teasers, including the album cover release date set for February 27 and the first music video trailer on February 28. This all leads up to the release date of the full album on March 7.


The images all seem to have hidden messages with the red roses, the clock and calendar indicating 11:05 and November 5 (11/5), as well as the code for red, FF0000.








Photos: TS Entertainment


Are you excited for B.A.P's comeback? And do you think these images hold a hidden message?


Written by Korea.com's Deisy


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