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SHINHWA will be back on stage TOMORROW!

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2017-01-11 10:32:01

(Picture from SHINHWA official homepage)


The legendary group SHINHWA will be on ‘MUSIC BANK’ tomorrow. This year, 2017 is the 19TH year that SHINHWA has debut has an idol. Moreover, the album that they are coming back on stage with  will be SHINHWA 13TH album ‘UNCHANGING - TOUCH’.

SHINHWA 13 UNCHANGING PART 1 that was released last year Nov can be described as the members showing their warm heart to the fans. However, for ‘13TH UNCHANGING-TOUCH’ it is a ungraded fancy show that SHINHWA is trying to show on stage.

Especially in the album ‘HEAVEN’ , ‘SUPER POWER’ that MinWoo wrote show feeling of the members and is a medium tempo ballad song.

SHINHWA will be starting tour concert ‘SHINHWA LIVE UNCHANGING TOUR’ starting from Feb. Feb 04, Taipei/Taiwan, Feb 11 Busan/Korea and Feb 25 Daegu/Korea. For the concerts that will be held in Korea, concert ticket open for Daegu begins today.’s CecileChung ( contributed to this report from Seoul



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