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SNSD's Yoona next SM artist for STATION

  • Name : bobamochi
  • Date : 2016-03-10 00:19:03

41c643134507e30940bd28147a5d34e8_1457536 ​Photo​: SMTOWN Global

​SM Entertainment​'s newest project, ​STATION​, has been churning out some fun songs and collaborations and ​SNSD​'s ​Yoona​ will be the next SM artist featured.

At midnight KST on March 11th, STATION will release the collaboration song, Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway, between Yoona and ​10cm​. It is said that Yoona's sweet voice and 10cm's smooth vocals will allow a pleasant experience for the listener. While there are netizens and fans alike who were surprised at this news, it seems like Yoona is ready to wow us.

​written by's Emily (United States)


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