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James Reid The SBS Pop Asia Music Award Winner - Beyond The Walls of Fame

  • Name : gikimtan
  • Date : 2016-02-08 22:23:02

What it is beyond the wall of  Mr James Reid's fame .  Everyone has  many and different answers to the questions. What is the amazing thing about him to enter into our kpop news as one of the hot posts? Thousands of views visiting our site just to read  articles about him  and now due to many requests, we try our best to see what’s behind his wall of fame. what are the reasons beyond his success? Why he amazingly came into to our kpop news. why he   defeated our kpop superstars  boy groups. at SbS Pop Asia Music Award 2015 and became the Winner Hall of Fame. We have not interviewed him yet, but we try our best to know what are the reasons beyond the walls of his success.  

Family First: James Reid, A fil-aussie , superstar is a family oriented person, his family is his priority and reason why he have not lost sight of what he is doing as an actor. He strive best for his father and siblings.

Humility: He is now  flying high on his popularity his tv series “On the Wings of Love”  as the Male Lead Role  is also one of the hottest and favorite endorser of many companies in the Philippines from beverages, clothing apparels , food chains, medicines and even big companies for life insurance are all up to their trust to him.  but inspite of all of these , the popularity has not sync it yet to him he remained grounded.

his gratitude to his fans : he always thank his fans for the support and loving Idol for his  fandom “jadine  the Reidmassive, and all his loyal different fan group all over asia cannot name each one of them,.

His physical traits also contributed a lot for his fame and stardom.his Charisma: There’s no argument that James Reid possesses physical attraction. In his eyes , facial expression and his lips. The charisma of James Reid  is an eclectic mix of  clearly, somewhere in his blood, had a mix of healthy dose of Australian and Filipino infusion that resulted in a wonderful mix of God's creation. His face:  epitomizes the clean cut, boyish good looks that girls find so appealing and irresistible. . And he can play up to the the camera to perfection.His voice :  speaks well even if in mix of English and Philippine words, his voice is clear when he deliver his dialog the words are coming so naturally from his voice. His eyes: They say that the eyes are the windows of a person’s soul. His eyes have a language all its own. His eyes smile when he is happy. When angered, you can see flashes of thunderbolts..His nose has a quirky, endearing bump. proves his masculine qualities. . As for his lips, they are pouting but Up close, they look incredibly red and small. When he smiles, the whole world smiles with him.The combination of all these facial characteristics can  partly explain why James Reid's reached fame and stardom.  BUT the most important traits he possess is his inner self  and goodness of his heart gives him a special one of a kind glow. this topped all the reasons why he is love by  thousand , in the Philippines and all over Asia Pacific countries.  It goes beyond the outer skin . His being grateful to those people who helped him to stardom and being grateful to all  his fans are the enhancing qualities of James Reid.

The fandom now is currently declaring their undying support for James Reid for his nominations for Best “Pinoy Personality” for Nickelodeon TV Personality award. I am  in track with them see how they devotedly giving time to vote for him what a wonderful and amazing fandom he has.

Should he win as the best pinoy personality in Nickelodeon award? I’m sure his fandom will never fail him the way the made him win at the SBS Pop Asia 2015 Music Award Hall of Fame Winner.


In support we can vote at tweeter using hast tag  #VoteJamesFPP #KCA

And through website for nickelodeon at 



What matters most is  the inner self that can’t be hidden.  His good spirit is high and it reflects to him.  His TV series, "On The wings of Love" shows his inner self  and talent in acting, singing and dancing and makes him love by thousands fans not only in the Philippines but all over Asia Pacific countries as well. He is doing his job very great as the Lead Male role he perfectly fits  the  role on the said tv series. 

Happiness and best wishes for you James Reid, for this Lunar New Year and in the years to come.




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