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[COVERAGE] Apink leaves fans a “Pink Memory” in Los Angeles showcase

  • Name : aaeghiioouvyeva
  • Date : 2016-01-15 13:57:01




Apink’s first North American tour


On January 9th, 2016, the six Apink members held their final North America tour showcase at Club Nokia in Los Angeles, California. Korea.com had the privilege to cover the event and witness the amazing live performances from the A Cube Entertainment girl group.


Presented by KPOPME, this is the very first time Apink is visiting North America. Prior to the LA showcase, the girls had also visited Vancouver, Dallas, and San Francisco back to back. Despite the busy schedule with only one free day in between, Apink still showed their best performances and brought the energy level in the venue to the maximum level!


What was in the showcase?


Since it is a showcase, the night was not just hyped up with Apink’s hit song tracks, but also included a Q&A session for the girls themselves to answer their fans’ burning questions, as well as a game session. Apink sang 11 songs in total: “Remember”, “Mr. Chu”, “Good Morning Baby”, “Sunday Monday”, “Secret”, “A Wonderful Love”, “My My”, “U You”, “NoNoNo”, “LUV”, and “Up to the Sky”. The last song was a special encore song presented to LA fans as a gift, as only the San Francisco and LA stops had an encore stage.


Who is the best in aegyo?


One of the requirements for K-pop groups is to be equipped with aegyo skills, with no exception from Apink. Although Apink claims that they are a girl group who are bad at being cute, fans definitely thought otherwise! Chorong revealed that Eunji is in fact the best in aegyo, despite her slightly more tomboyish nature. Members took turns to show off their cute charms, but when Eunji tried to pass her turn, she displayed natural cuteness as she ran towards the backstage and sang “okay bye” from the movie Frozen.


Who is the most daring member?


The six members were split into two teams to play a game of “What is in the Box?”, in which they were only allowed to feel the texture and make their guesses. The unnie team consisted of Chorong, Eunji, and Bomi, while the dongsaeng team consisted of Naeun, Namjoo, and Hayoung.


The dongsaeng team were given the easier task of guessing boba (which they guessed correctly), but the unnie team were presented the challenge of guessing a live squid. Bomi almost flipped the box over due to shock and fans managed to witness Chorong’s legendary dolphin pitch as she screamed while sticking her tongue out cutely, so fans could not make any complains. On the other hand, Eunji showed her bold character as she grabbed and picked up the whole squid fearlessly. She even made her guess without hesitation and mentioned, “When I go to Busan, I always eat this. I really like it.” After the answer was revealed, Hayoung also showed her bravery by trying to eat it alive, but was thankfully prevented by leader Chorong, who said “stop stop” in a cute way and even put a piece of tissue paper on top of it.


What Apink feels about North America


Fans were definitely dying to hear the answer to: What does Apink like about North America? Naeun, the most well-versed in English in the group, answered in almost perfectly fluent English, “I can feel the passion and am thankful for fans. I love the food. There are so many great food which made my trip rich. It was super delicious. North America tour definitely gave me a memorable moment and I’ll not forget our fans.


Eunji was also aware about the famous In-N-Out Burger fast food restaurant and asked fans for more LA food recommendations. She also promised to share pictures of them trying out LA’s dishes on SNS before going back to Korea. Namjoo then shared on her newly-created Instagram account that she went to try In-N-Out, with Naeun tagged in the photo as well.


Despite the strict no-photography, no-videography rule, fans still had a short but sweet time with Apink and had more opportunities for direct interaction. Hopefully the next time Apink comes back, fans will get to have a full concert experience!


Korea.com woud like to thank KPOPME and A Cube Entertainment for the kind invitation to Pink Memory in LA. 










Korea.com’s Eva contributed to this article.
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