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Flavor Tour of Joella-do Ⅰ

  • Name : korea
  • Date : 2015-05-29 17:30:05





Tour Code : M14-F6-2
Tour Price : 380,000 KRW
Lead Time : 2 days 1 night
Starting No. : Min.  2pax
Meeting Time : 07:30

[Day 1]
07:30 – (Pick-up1) Cityhall station (Exit4)
07:45 – (Pick-up2) Anguk station (Exit5)
12:00 – Lunch (DamyangTteokgalbi)
13:00 – Damyang Metasequoia-lined Road
14:00 – Gwanbangjerim,Juknokwon,Soswaewon
18:00 – Dinner (Damyang Daetongbap)
19:00 – Check-in accomodation

[Day 2]
09:00 – Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju Museum of Art
12:00 – Lunch (Hanjeongsik)
17:00 – Back to Seoul





⊙ What kind of place is Damyang?

Damyang is a beautiful area of Metasequoia-lined Road, ​​bamboo forest and delicious food. Tteokgalbi, square-shaped ground beef with soy sauce, pear, onion juice, rice wine, sugar, sesame oil. the cooked rice in bamboo called Daetongbap, a soft rice with  bamboo aroma and flavor. cut bamboo and put rice, millet, black rice, glutinous rice,  the dates, bank, pine nuts, black beans, then topped with bamboo salt and cover the bamboo with traditional paper called Hanji. after 40 minutes in a pressure cooker , essence and flavor-filled rice inside a bamboo is completed. you will get a surprise when you meet a Jeolla  Province hanjeongsik, the Korean table d’hOte. Natural beauty and diverse cultural experience is the bonus of this trip.



◈ Tour of Unhyungung Palace in advance



▲Daenamutongbap, rice steamed in bamboo



▲Ttokgalbi, charcoal grilled beef ribs



▲Sanchae Full Course Meal with Herbs



 ▲The Bamboo forest in Damyang





Terms & Conditions
• Included : transportation, admission fee, guide service, accomodation(twin bed room), meals(3 times)
•Reservation will be completed with a full payment
• Cancellation Policy
Two days before tour : no cancellation fee
A day before the tour : 50%
On tour day. : 100%




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