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Actor Ji Chang Wook Conquered Malaysia on 8th April

  • Name : Christy임가은
  • Date : 2017-04-11 23:08:04
"This is my first time here in Malaysia so I didn't have much expectations but the number of fans at the airport really surprised me." Ji Chang Wook told the media in the press conference session. 

To celebrate the launch of tvN World's First & Only Korean Blockbuster movie channel in Malaysia and to promote action crime film Fabricated City,  tvN flew the multi-talented actor Ji Chang-wook for the first time to Malaysia. Ji Chang Wook appeared at the press conference with a warm smile and waved to the medias politely. At the press conference, he answered all the questions asked by the emcee and never failed to entertain the media with his humorous and honest replies. 


Are you curious to find out about the interview? Check it out now!

1) How was the preparation for your character in "Fabricated City"? 
" Unlike other projects, I didn't create a new personality for Kwon Yu (his character name in the movie). Instead, I immersed myself into the character and acted like Kwon Yu completely." 

2) What are the similarities between Ji Chang Wook and Kwon Yu? 
"I do not see any similarities between us at all. Kwon Yu is a person whom will fight for something that is unfair and has a strong character. But I am not like that." 


3) What are the challenges for the movie? 
"In my memory, I can only remember how tiring it was." Ji Chang Wook laughed. "The weather was hot and cold due to changing climate. I was exhausted because of the action scenes as well. So I was both psychically and emotionally drained ."

4) Any memorable moments? 
"It was just tiring. Hahaha. Let me think. The prison scene is memorable to me. I always see prison as a scary place. So I was traumatised when I have to shoot n the prison." 


5) What is your impression of Malaysia?
" It's my first time here. I am very curious about this country. I am surprised with the amount of fans at the airport yesterday. I couldn’t experience Malaysia yet because I’m stuck in the hotel most of the time. Hahaha So I would want to visit Malaysia for a holiday in the future.” 

6) What would you like to do before you enlist into military?
“I got that question often nowadays. Hahaha I can't make any plans right now because I have a tight schedule. I will have another drama shooting coming up. If I have some free time, I really want to go on a holiday.” 

7) Any message to your fans? 
“I really want to thank each and everyone of you. Without you, I wouldn’t be able to be here. I’m always thankful and I hope you can continue to support me in the future.” 

Fabricated City talks about a hardcore gamer Kwon Yu (Ji Chang Wook), who is fabricated as a murderer. He and his friends try to uncover a massive plot to a mysterious underworld organisation and it is up to Kwon and his allies to combine forces to prove his innocence. 


The actor later made an appearance at the gala premiere of Fabricated City in the evening. The actor was welcomed by a huge crowd of fans. It was difficult for me to take his picture with the overwhelming crowd and media. Ji Chang Wook was also nominated for New Actor at the 53rd Baeksang Art Awards which will be held on 3rd May. 

"Of course I'd be very happy and grateful if I can bring the award home but I'll try not to have high expectations." Said Ji Chang Wook


I wish him all the best and let's shower him with more love and support before he enlists into the military. Don't forget to support "Fabricated City" in cinemas on 20 April 2017. 

Written by Christy who is still in the post-event depression. 
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